Shri Badrinath dham, uttarakhand

Shri Badrinath dham is one of the four pilgrimage destinations in the important char dham yatra as per Hinduism. Surraounded by mesmerizing Himalayan moutains, this temple is known as the most attractive place for visitors in Uttarakhand.

Badrinath is another name for lord vishnu, who is worshipped by crores of vaishnav hindu devotees. This amazing temple is divided in threee parts, known as the 'garbha griha, the 'darshan mandap' and the 'sabha mandap.

The first part, garbha griha is the place where the deity of Lord Badrinath is located, the next part darshan mandap is used for performing pooja and rituals, the final part 'sabha mandap' is a common place for devotees to gather and assemble.

At the main gate, a statue of lord vishnu can be seen riding on the garuda, the vaahan of vishnu. Garuda is sitting with folded hands in honour of his master, the lord Vishnu.

In the garbh griha, a one meter high black saligram deity of lord vishnu can be seen, surrounded by famous hindu mythological charactors. As a special feature of this temple, all the pooja and rituals are performed in front of all the devotees with no curtain cover.
Temple Timings: The temple is opened for darshans at 4.30 in the morning daily and is closed at 9pm. The temple remains closed for during 1pm to 4pm in the afternoon.

Shri Badrinath dham, uttarakhand on Google Map

How To Reach
One can reach Badrinath by air, road and rail route. For air route, the nearest airport is in Dehradoon, which is 317 kms away. While for train, the nearest railways station is Rishikesh, which is 297kms away. For an ordinary traveller, the best option is the road route, as excellent bus connnectivity makes the tour hastle free. It is nearly 525 kms from delhi and large no. of bus and taxi services are available from Delhi as well as other parts of country.

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हमारा प्रयास है कि हम भारत के हर मंदिर की जानकारी पाठकों तक पहुंचाएं। यदि आपके पास ​किसी मंदिर की जानकारी है या आप इस वेबसाइट पर विज्ञापन देना चाहते हैं, तो आप हमसे पर संपर्क कर सकते हैं।


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